Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sour Seventeen

What I'm Listening to: Photobooth (Death Cab for Cutie) I just had my seventeenth birthday, and along with it a series of unfortunate events. For starters, I woke up to find the power was out in my bathroom--and only my bathroom! Once I figured out that I just could not do my makeup in the bathroom, I got ready with the tiny mirror in my bedroom. Later that day, my mom texted me with the message: "coffee and CT scan at 3:00." The coffee helped matters, but there was no denying the fact that I had to go get a CT scan on my birthday. After that, I tried to connect with a friend via webcam, but her Internet was down. She called me later and jokingly dubbed me Sour Seventeen. Hopefully I'll keep all the sweetness of sixteen with my new age, but you never know. Well, here's a poem I wrote the other day. Tell me what you think! Right of Way It's you, it's me. The rules of the road are so easy to forget. So here we sit at this vacant intersection, Each waiting for the other to make the first move. I stare across the abrasive asphalt into your nervous eyes. No one wants to look like a fool. A car pulls up behind and you're forced to decide. Your shiny red convertible slides across my rearview mirror As I turn towards the heart of town. And I keep checking over my shoulder, Pretending like you might be in my blind spot.