Friday, September 3, 2010

The Summer Epic

What I'm Listening to: Nothing at the moment, as I've forgotten my Pandora password... Dear followers, I have one thing to say: so sorry for letting my life get too ahead of itself. Yes, it's really been four months since I've last posted (and I am quite ashamed of myself). Instead of penning a dreary monologue about the summer you wish you had, I decided to write a poem...Enjoy! The Summer Epic School finally relinquished me, too tardy for my taste. I sat in for the ACT and took the test with haste. The very next day I boarded a plane, bound for Guatemala. There I met people that probably could rhyme with Guatemala. Cute kids and cute interns there I met and played with all day long. I chatted with the Spanish volunteers and learned a Spanish song. A few days after I returned, I left for Little Rock. Up a mountain called Pinnacle my friends and I took a walk. Kidnappings and mischief ensued, much to my delight. We forked the house of a friend of mine on a moonlit night. Finally, back to my house my friend and I did come. We watched movies, ate too much food, and had a lot of fun. Then I went to Oregon, where I volunteered. Weary but rewarding was my time (though I did not grow a beard). Now the summer draws to an end--I can't say I wish it'd tarry. For my friends are returning to school as well (and I really want a canary). Have an awesome school year, y'all!

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