Friday, December 10, 2010

Month of Insanity

Hello everyone! It is such a beautiful, non-November day, isn't it? It's snowy, there's no hint of Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping has all but disintegrated. In case you're wondering why I'm so glad it's not November anymore, I'll admit I might have done one thing too many last month. So in case you're tempted to overexert yourself in the next few months, here's a few things that should not end up on the same month's to-do list...if you value your sanity, that is:
  • Read the last four Harry Potter books before going to see the movie in theaters
  • Participate in National Novel Writing Month
  • Confuse the characters from your own novel and Harry Potter
  • Join the soccer team
  • Join a new club
  • Volunteer over eight hours...on one day of the month
  • Go to a birthday party
  • Choose classes for the next quarter at school THAT WILL AFFECT YOUR FUTURE FOR YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE
  • Get addicted to a new TV show, especially if it's Doctor Who
  • Go on vacation, especially the kind of vacation with television, mountains for exploring, and the Internet
  • Procrastinate on multiple college essays
  • Decide to tutor a friend in Spanish
  • Apply for a job
  • Decorate the house for Christmas at midnight on Thanksgiving
  • Go Black Friday shopping
  • Wake up at five...every. Single. Morning.
  • Cook anything
  • Drink over 100 cups of coffee

On second thought, do all of this! (I want to see if you can possibly get as crazy as me.)

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